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How To Keep Your Trees From Becoming A Time-Consuming Maintenance Liability

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Trees planted near your home truly can be a valuable component of your property. Not only do they provide curb appeal for your home, they hinder forceful wind from causing damage and provide shade from the scorching summer sun. As valuable as trees can be, they can also create a lot of extra work when it comes to maintenance around your home and property. While you may assume that this is just a natural part of having trees in close proximity to your home, there are a few things you can do to help keep the extra workload away.

Install Gutter Guards

Cleaning out the gutters on your roof a few times a year is already a necessity, but if you have large trees near your home, you can find your gutters need to be cleaned even more often. The dead leaves, small branches, and even nuts and fruit can roll down the roof of your home and get trapped in the gutters. The easiest way to eliminate this maintenance task is to have gutter guards installed on your home.

Gutter guards are made of a PVC material that snaps on to the existing gutters. The guards have screened covers that make it impossible for anything but moisture and rain to get through. Gutter guards can be purchased at just about any home improvement store and do not require a lot of tools or skill to install. They usually come in two or three foot sections that can be cut with tin snips or heavy scissors to fit specific gutter sizes. Visit Conifer Gutter Service if you're interested in purchasing gutter guards.

Perform Annual Tree Pruning

If you have trees far away from your home, branches and limbs that are allowed to grow wild and natural are a lovely sight. However, limbs trying to intrude in your main living space can be a major hassle to deal with. From branches scratching your house to falling in the front yard, unruly trees can be a lot of extra work. The trees that are growing closest to your home should be pruned annually by a professional tree service. Pruning and topping involves removing extended branches that may be prone to breakage or are just simply in the way.

Just by installing gutter guards and performing annual trims, you will see that having trees near your home really is not that big of a deal when it comes to maintenance. You can spend much less time cleaning up after these natural giants and more time enjoying what they have to offer.