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The Best Nest: Things To Consider Before Building A Birdhouse

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If you are wanting to attract birds to your home this spring and summer, putting up a bird house is a great way to start. Building a birdhouse can also be a fun family project that will leave you with a sense of accomplishment. However, before you get started, here are a few things that you should know.

Act Now!

You have seen the old adage, "Act Now" when it comes to purchasing homes and used cars. Birds have a similar urgency when it is time for them to build a nest. Late winter is a great time to set up your birdhouse. This will give the early nesting birds in your area the option of using your birdhouse as a home. They may already be out there, scouting the area. So, getting your birdhouse up as soon as possible is a great way to make sure it is on the market for new families.

Less is More

While choosing a brightly painted, whimsical birdhouse may seem fun for your kids, birds generally prefer a more naturalistic home. A very simple birdhouse is a great place to start. A sloped roof and small entryway make simple birdhouses more inviting to birds, and can deter predators. Just make sure to avoid using perches unless you want any tom cats or other unwelcome visitors to show up on your birds' front stoop. 

Think Rustic

Birdhouses with a rustic theme are great for attracting the right kinds of birds. Rustic birdhouses are small, simple in design, and seem a bit unfinished to the casual observer. However, these are the features that birds are looking for when they search for a home. Also, using rustic materials, such as reclaimed wood or a hollowed-out log, makes this type of birdhouse environmentally responsible as well. 

Plan Ahead

As a birdhouse owner, make sure you think about the future generations that will come to live in your birdhouse. As each new family of birds spreads their wings and leaves the nest, you need to prepare your birdhouse for its next tenants. A hinged roof or a wall that opens makes it easier to clean out your birdhouse. Make sure that you remove the old nest, because birds are not fond of sleeping in someone else's bed when they move into a new home.

If you keep these things in mind, you can build a birdhouse that your feathered friends will love to call home.