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5 Cozy Ways To Stay Warm While Waiting For Heating Repair In Your Home

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Just when you think it could not get one degree colder outside, your heat system suddenly decides now is a fine time to give you a hard way to go and stops working. With no heat being funneled through the house, you will see the temperature start to drop real fast when it is freezing just beyond your front door. You may have to wait a bit for a heating repair professional to make it out, but in the meantime you have to stay warm. Here are five cozy ideas you may want to consider:

1. Get out the Lanterns - Those lanterns you have tucked away in the garage from camping trips awhile back actually produce a lot of heat when they are on. They are clean burning, propane fueled, so you do not have to be concerned with dangerous fumes in the house. This may not heat the whole house, but can make a big difference in a small area.

2. Get Active - Instead of bundling up on the couch with a mountain of blankets, stay active while the temperature in your home is cooler than usual. Continuous movement will make you feel warmer than you are and keep warm blood circulating through your veins.

3. Get Creative with Blankets - Grab those old heavy quilts in the closet and use them to block the warmest room in the house off from every other room. If you have a room that allows in sunlight, hanging blankets to trap that heat inside can make a huge difference.

4. Get the Candles - You may think it sounds crazy that something so small can radiate heat, but with a little ingenuity, candles can be a sufficient heat source. Try lighting a few tealight candles beneath a slightly-elevated, inverted terracotta pot, and you will see heat start to radiate through the room.

5. Get Cooking - If you really want to generate some heat, gather everyone up in the kitchen and do some cooking. Turn on the oven and bake a good cake that will take a while. Boil some pasta for spaghetti. You could even get a little heat by firing up the slow cooker for dinner tomorrow.

A failed heat system may seem like an emergency in the middle of winter and in all rights in can be if you have no idea what to do. Using these five little tips could easily help you and your family stay warm until your heat is restored.