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Tips For Maintaining Your Water Fountain

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There are few accessories that can add more style to your yard than an elegant water fountain. Not surprisingly, a well-maintained water fountain can significantly boost the value of your property. Unfortunately, many homeowners underestimate the amount of maintenance that these devices require, and this can cause them to regularly need expensive repairs.

Luckily, there are a couple of tips you can follow to help ensure that your water fountain looks great and remains problem free year round:

Invest In A Water Softener

Hard water is a common problem for older homes, and this problem is characterized by having water that is unusually high in mineral deposits. This may not seem like a major issue for your water fountain, but it can actually pose a host of issues. For example, it is possible for these mineral deposits to accumulate in the fountains internal piping, and this can lead to difficult to correct clogs. 

The best option for addressing this problem is through the use of a water softener. These are systems that can remove the excess minerals from your water supply before it is able to come into contact with your pipes. By adding one of these devices to your fountain, you should be able to significantly reduce the lifetime repair costs for this type of beautiful yard accessories. 

Scrub The Water Reservoir At Least Once A Month

Most homeowners are aware of the need to change the water in their fountain, but they may not realize the importance of scrubbing it down after each time you do this. Over the course of time, it is possible for algae and other aquatic plants to start growing in your fountain. As these plants shed their leaves and stems, they can clog the pump that powers your fountain. Unfortunately, the damage to the pump can be severe enough that repair is impossible. 

Luckily, avoiding this problem is no more difficult than scrubbing the reservoir that holds your fountain's water. Interestingly, you need to do this even if it appears to be clean because the algae and aquatic plants may be imperceptible to your at first. However, they may develop into a serious problem by the next time you change the water. 

Maintaining your fountain can be a seemingly complex and difficult task, but if you are properly informed about the needs of these devices, this task should become much simpler. More precisely, following these two tips should help you to avoid some of the more common causes for fountain failure. In addition to saving you from expensive repairs, these maintenance tips can also make sure that your yard is always looking its best.

If you are looking into outdoor water fountains for sale, it's best to look up what will be required to care and maintain for your future investment. A water fountain adds something special to your landscaping, but requires upkeep.