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Bathroom Remodeling To Accommodate Seniors

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If you have an elderly parent who is starting to display difficulties in getting around as easily as they had in the past, it may be time to make a few household changes to help them with their mobility. The bathroom is one room in the home where slips and falls happen more than anywhere else, so it would be a great idea to remodel this room before any other. Here are some tips you can use to remodel your parent's bathroom while keeping it looking nice in the process.


When picking out coloring for your parent's bathroom, stick with lighter colors for the walls and flooring. Whites and neutrals will draw in light, making things easier for your parent to see while they are inside the bathroom. Pick contrasting colors for the towels and other decor. This makes them easier to see, helping your parent find things if their eyesight is failing. Bright-colored rugs on the floor will also be easier to see, helping them avoid stepping on uncovered and slippery flooring, which is more prone to moisture.


The lighting you select for your parent's bathroom should be bright to help navigate the area, minimizing the risk of falling in the process. Opt for ceiling lighting so the entire room will be bright enough to see. Place a few floor lights inside the room, as these can be switched on by tapping them with your foot, making it easy to illuminate the room during the night-time hours. Have your parent keep them on during the night to help them find the room in the dark.


Adding rails throughout the bathroom will help your parent keep themselves steady in areas where moisture is prevalent. Place rails in the bathtub or shower area so they can be seen and grabbed easily when your parent needs them. Place a rail next to the toilet, as well. 

Make sure all mats used in the bathroom have non-slip grippers on the back. These rubber pads will help keep the mats in place so your parent does not slide and fall when stepping upon them. Place rubber gripping pads inside the bathtub or shower, as well. These come in a variety of colors and some even come in decorative shapes, and you can place them in an aesthetic pattern on the porcelain flooring of the tub or shower. 


It is best to keep much of the smaller items in a bathroom tucked away to help keep them off the floors where they can be tripped on. Place cabinets or shelves in the bathroom to hold these items. Pretty displays can be made on shelves, giving the bathroom some character in the process. Purchase a medicine cabinet with several shelves inside to keep any medications hidden from view, and keep towels in a cabinet or on a shelf for easy access.

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