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4 Tips To Protect Your Blinds From Cat Damage

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If you have a cat, you probably love your mischievous little furry family member. However, you might not love all of its antics, such as the damage that it can do to your blinds. If you want to protect your blinds and prevent them from looking bad or becoming damaged, it's important to follow a few cat-proofing tips. Luckily, these tips can help.

1. Tie Cords and Strings Out of the Way

The little strings that hang from your blinds and allow you to adjust them can be very appealing to cats. Many cats love to bat at them, chew on them and even use them to clean their teeth. Therefore, you'll want to tuck them out of the way -- otherwise, the strings could pull your blinds and cause damage, or the strings themselves could become dirty and frayed. One idea is to install tiny hooks near the top and to the side of your windows. Then, you'll have something to wrap your cords around. You can also wrap them around your curtain rod and cover them up with your curtains.

2. Booby Trap Your Windowsill

Try applying double-sided sticky tape to your windowsill. Your cat probably won't like the feel of the tape when it jumps up, which can help keep it from messing with your blinds.

3. Train Your Cat

You can always try training your cat to stay away from your windows and blinds. Spraying your kitty with a water bottle each time that it jumps into the windows or messes with the blinds can help train it not to misbehave in this manner anymore. Unfortunately, cats will sometimes play with the blinds when the owner is not around to spray them, so this might not be an effective option.

4. Try an Alternative Option

Consider trying something that is a bit more sturdy. For example, instead of thin and inexpensive mini blinds, you can look for thicker, heavy plastic or wooden blinds that will be more resilient. You can also try covering your windows with heavy drapes, or you can use window tint. Then, you can still get the privacy and energy savings that you are looking for without risking cat damage.

As you can see, you don't have to be destined to dealing with unsightly and damaged blinds just because you have a cat. Give these tips a try if you want to protect your window coverings from your kitty.