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How To Create Beautiful Flower Arrangements At Home

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Those gorgeous flower arrangements you see in store windows, in magazines or on television can be done in your home - and can be done by yourself. Fresh floral bouquets or even faux flower arrangements can be created with ease. You just need to follow a few helpful tips to keep your arrangements from looking too do-it-yourself. See below for some tips on creating beautiful flower arrangements at home.

Grid Arrangement

Create a grid on your vase or urn by using tape. Simply criss-cross your tape to create a grid pattern. Be sure to use a sturdy tape such as electric tape or washi tape. Begin adding your flowers to the arrangement. Add your greenery to the outer edges of the grid. Fill the middle portion with the focal point flower (the more dominant flower in your arrangement). Next, fill in the grid with your secondary flowers. Finally, add any extra greenery or filler flowers. This is a good way to arrange flowers purchased at the super market or from the local farmer's market.

Cross Stems

Using the same flower, cut the stems the same length and 1 1/2 inches taller than the vase. Then add the flowers to a short, clear vase one at a time, criss-crossing the stems to create a circular pattern. Your flowers will stay in place and will look like a simple, yet professional arrangement.

Vase Fillers

To give your arrangement a little more beauty, add fillers to your vase.

  • You can add fresh lemon slices to a summery arrangement. Simply use a double vase, the inside vase for your flower arrangement and the outer vase for the fresh lemon slices.
  • Use greenery or long leaves to wrap the inside of a vase. This helps add color, while also hiding stems.
  • Add colorful candy to a vase full of tulips for an Easter/Spring bouquet.
  • Rocks, acorns, sand and driftwood can all be used as vase fillers with your bouquet to give them an extra element.
  • Sprinkle some large glitter to the bottom of a clear vase for an elegant flower arrangement.

Go Beyond The Vase

Rather than using a traditional clear glass vase, go with something a little less traditional such as a:

  • Rustic watering can with wildflowers.
  • China teacup with traditional roses.
  • Small wooden box with daisies.
  • Hollowed out pineapple with hyacinths.
  • Upside down umbrella (hang it on your front door) with tulips.

Flower arrangements that you see in magazines can be in your home too, without costing you too much money. Follow the tips above and experiment with different types of flowers and extra added elements.

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