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4 Reasons to Replace Your Carpet

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Buying a home that has been around for some time is a great way to get into a "new" home sooner rather than later. Sometimes everything looks nice and clean, but you really do not know how old all of the flooring is or how clean it really is. Carpet is one of those things that can be clean on the surface but ghoulish down by and in the carpet pad. Over time, it builds up, and the carpet looks older faster. If you want to know how much "life" you have left in the existing carpet in the home you just bought, here are a few telltale signs.

You Have Shag Carpet from the 1970's

One sure sign that the carpet in your new home has to go is that it is shag carpet from the seventies. It is not new shag, which became really popular about a decade ago, but shag from forty years ago. Not only is there no life left in this carpet, there is probably a veritable nightmare of dirt and nastiness underneath it. It has got to go.

There Are Strange Odors Emanating from the Carpet

When you get down close to it, the carpet has some very pungent odors that are not exactly flowery and pretty. It may also release odors into the air every time you or a family member steps on and/or walks on it. It could look like the cleanest carpet in the world, but if it is stinking up your home, it has got to go.

The Current Carpet Color Is Not the Color It Used to Be

You may not know what color the carpet used to be, unless the owner tells you. In that case, if the carpet was originally white and now it is more of a beige or it was yellow and now looks more like heathered yellow (more grayish with muted yellow undertones), then the carpet is done. Even berber carpet that was light beige or light gray and is now a darker shade is not something you can consistently clean well enough to keep the carpet fresh and new.

You Have an Infestation of Carpet Beetles

Carpet beetles invade when there is plenty of food lying within the matted up fibers of your carpet. Despite repeated efforts to vacuum and clean the carpet, you still have these little buggers, and that means the carpet cannot be salvaged. Have a carpet installation expert and a pest control expert visit on the same day so you can rip out the old, buggy carpet, spray the floor boards underneath, and install fresh new carpet.

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