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Canine Scent Detection & Treatment For Bed Bugs

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Did you open up a drawer to get something to wear and a dead bed bug was in it? The bed bug carcass may have gotten into your clothing after a trip (if you took one), so you may want to get a canine scent detection inspection before getting your home exterminated. In this article, learn how canine scent detection can help you avoid spending money on bed bug extermination if your home isn't infested with any that are alive.

Why Are Canines Helpful if a Bed Bug Carcass Was Found in a House?

Canines are ideal when you have found a bed bug carcass, because they can find out if your house is infested or not. The dogs are trained to only alert the exterminator if they come across an area of your house where living bed bugs are hiding out. The exterminator will then know that the room where the pests were found is in need of being treated, which can prevent treatment in rooms that are not affected (which can save you money). Using canines can also make the task more efficient because you won't have to remove bedding or empty dresser drawers before the inspection is done. The dogs have a strong sense of smell, so the exterminator will not have to manually inspect anything.

How Will a House Be Treated if Living Bed Bugs are Found by Canines?

The exterminator will need you to thoroughly clean up before he or she will spray the rooms that need treatment. For instance, you will have to clean your bedding in case bed bugs are in the box spring. Cleaning up will make sure that no bed bugs are left living inside of clothing, bedding or curtains after treatment. You may also be asked to move furniture away from the walls and remove food that is stored in kitchen cabinets. The extent of cleaning that you must do will depend on which rooms living bed bugs were found in during canine scent detection.

How Much Will Be Charged for Help from a Bed Bug Exterminator?

The price that you must pay a bed bug exterminator depends on whether or not your house is infested, as well as the number of affected rooms. Paying to get your house inspected by canines before it is treated should cost $300 or more. Depending on the extent of infestation, you are expected to spend at least $250 plus for each room that is treated. For more information, contact a professional exterminating service, such as Ace Walco & Sons Termite & Pest Control. Get your house inspected by canines so you will know if treatment is needed!