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Reasons To Consider A Park Model Home After Full-Time RV Living

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If you've spent the last few years traveling the country at-will in an RV, the idea of settling into a home in a constructed neighborhood may leave you feeling tied down. If you're looking for something more permanent but you still want the freedom to decide where you're going to put it, you should think about buying a park model home instead. If you're not familiar, they are homes crafted like modern manufactured homes yet they contain many of the features you've come to enjoy in your RV. Here are a few of the benefits of investing in a park model home when you're ready to settle down.


Park model homes are a cost-effective option for housing. When you're looking for something affordable so that you aren't tied down to a long-term mortgage, this may be the solution for you. The compact design makes them easy to keep cool and heated, which will save you on climate control costs. In addition, they are easy to maintain, so you can save some in general expenses, too.


When you invest in a park model home, you will enjoy the versatility of being able to place it in any park or on any lot that you prefer. This is particularly beneficial if you've found a favorite spot in your travels where you'd really like to stay. For example, if you're nearing retirement and you want to settle somewhere warm, this is a great way to do that. Many RV and mobile home parks offer lots for park models, so you'll have lots of areas to choose from.

This combats one of the biggest hurdles for many new home buyers. One of the problems that can arise is the challenge of finding precisely what you're looking for in a house in an area where you want to be. With a park model home, you can get the features you've been looking for in the design and then you can place it where you'd like. There are many different models to consider, and you may even be able to custom-order one to your own specifications.


Because park model homes are constructed similar to a manufactured home, they have the same durability and quality in construction. The construction process is precise and controlled, so you won't have to worry about a builder cutting corners on construction as can happen with some other new construction.

If you're ready to settle into a permanent location but don't want the ties of a traditional home, you may find that park model homes offer just what you need. Talk with a dealer like Resort Homes today to see what your choices are.