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Three Reasons Your Liftmaster Gate Opener Isn't Working

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An issue with your Liftmaster gate system can be frustrating. When you press the remote to operate your gate, you expect it to react accordingly. If this doesn't happen, there is likely a simple solution. Here are just a few of the reasons your gate might not be working.

Gate Won't Close

A number of Liftmaster options come equipped with a hold feature. The hold feature is designed to basically keep the gate in an open position. Many people will use this option if they are having guests coming in and out often or they simply need the gate to remain open for an extended period.

In some cases, particularly after a loss of power, a gate system can reset itself to this setting. If your gate has power but it seems to not be responding to the remote, try looking at the control panel to see if it has been adjusted to this setting. If so, turning off the hold feature will generally resolve the issue.

Unusual Opening And Closing

When you press the button on your Liftmaster remote to open the gate, you expect the gate to open. Not open partially and then abruptly close. If your gate is behaving in this manner, there is likely a simple fix – your sensors are not aligned.

Most gate sensors are designed with a photo eye on each side of the gate. These eyes transmit a laser signal back and forth. If there is anything in the path of the laser signal, the gate will either stop or return to the closed position. If the sensors are not directly across from each other, the gate will not operate. If you're having this issue, take a few minutes to adjust the sensors.

Gate Won't Move

The motor inside your system is designed to work with gates that do not exceed a specific weight. If you are trying to operate your gate and it won't move, take a look at the gate. In inclement weather, the extra weight of ice and snow can cause the gate to exceed the weight maximum, preventing it from working.

Even the extra weight of holiday decorations can be enough to cause this same concern. If the gate isn't working and there is even a tiny amount of extra weight on the gate, this is likely the issue.

Thanks to the durability of Liftmaster systems, most issues with your gate are both preventable and easy to correct. However, if you are presented with an issue that doesn't have a simple fix, don't hesitate to contact a technician.