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Install A Basic Pond And Create A Border Around It With Natural Stones

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Install a basic pond in your backyard and use natural stones that are different colors to create a border around it by completing the steps below. The decorative water feature will provide you with a tranquil area to relax and will add beauty to your property.


  • rake
  • oval or circle-shaped kiddie pool
  • ground-marking paint
  • plastic sheeting
  • large shovel
  • tamping tool
  • pond liner
  • dirt
  • natural stones
  • small shovel
  • submersible water pump
  • bracket
  • water hose
  • algae tablets
  • lawn furniture
  • small tables
  • battery-operated light stakes

Dig The Ground And Create A Border

Choose a section of your property that you would like to install the pond in. Rake up large pieces of debris. Place a kiddie pool on top of the ground and trace its base with ground-marking tape. Place a large piece of plastic sheeting next to the marked ground. Dig down into the marked section several feet with a large shovel. Put shovelfuls of dirt on top of the sheeting. Smooth out the base of the hole with a tamping tool.

Lay a pond liner over the base of the pond. Use shovelfuls of the dirt that was removed from the ground to cover the edges of the pond liner. Cover the dirt with natural stones. Use stones that are fairly large and press each one into the dirt until it is stabilized. Continue adding stones to the dirt until a border that is an even thickness surrounds the pond. 

Add A Submersible Pump And Water

Install a submersible pump that needs to be plugged into an electrical outlet in the base of the pond. Secure the pump inside of a bracket if one came with your purchase. A bracket will prevent the pump from moving around while it is in the pond. Use a water hose to fill the pond. Plug in the submersible pump and turn it on when finished. Place lawn furniture, including a couple small tables around the pond's exterior.

Insert some battery-operated light stakes into the ground, next to the sitting area. You will be able to enjoy looking at the pond during the day or night. Turn off the water pump and light-stakes when they are not being used. In order to clean the water in the pond and eliminate algae, add an algae tablet to the pond when needed. Add more water to the pond with a hose if you notice that the water level is lower than it was when you first installed the pond.

For more information, contact Old World Stone or a similar company.