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Need More Space? Four Reasons To Get It By Adding A Tiny Home To Your Backyard

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The popularity of the tiny home trend continues to grow with a surprising number of Americans opting to downsize from a conventional home and live in these smaller spaces. In most cases tiny homes are less expensive to build while still providing a fully self-contained living experience that allows the owner to set them up either permanently or temporarily on an equally small plot of owned, rented, or borrowed land. When built on a trailer frame with wheels, tiny custom homes can also offer the advantage of being exempt from traditional real estate taxes in many states. But even if you don't intend to live in a tiny house full time, there are other great reasons to add a tiny house to the backyard of the home you already own and here are four of the best. 

Housing for guests and grandparents

Having a fully outfitted tiny house in the backyard is a great way to give guests a comfortable place to stay while offering them more privacy. Whether the guests are friends, relatives, or grandparents, the tiny home experience can allow homeowners to convert their traditional guest rooms into more space for family use while still offering maximum hospitality to their guests. 

Small business or home office space

A tiny house in the backyard can offer home business owners or telecommuters a better, more private work space than many traditional homes can offer. In addition, working from a tiny home in the backyard allows you to shut out distractions without dampening the spirits of rowdy family members in the home. The use of a tiny home for work also offers the opportunity to set more regular hours for working and can help stressed workers be more easily able to give both their home and work lives a distinct space.

Creative studio for painting or writing

The design and features of a tiny home can be easier and less expensive to customize to create a workable studio than those of an existing home, which might require major renovations to accomplish the same goal. Features like skylights, larger windows, or a built in work table to create a convenient, light-filled art or writing studio can be part of the original design. 

Rental income potential 

If your current home is located in an area where zoning regulations permit renting out a part of your property, placing a tiny house in a corner of your backyard can help you realize rental income from your property. If you have enough space, you could even create a bed and breakfast type of business, using tiny homes as individual guest suites.

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