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Five Reasons To Schedule Pool Screen Repair

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Pool screen enclosures keep out pests and unwanted visitors. There are even glassed-in screening options that turn your pool into a four-season oasis. Unfortunately, damage can occur to the screen, which will necessitate repairs.

1. Stuck Mechanisms

If you have the type of pool screen that has panels that move along tracks that allow you to open or close the screening, it can be frustrating when they constantly seem to get stuck. There are two reasons that this may occur. Dirt in the tracks is a simple issue to fix. A repair tech can carefully clean out the tracks and then apply light lubrication to aid in movement. The second cause could be a warped frame. In some cases, the frame can be reshaped, but in others, you may need to replace the problem panel.

2. Torn Screens

One of the more common pool screen issues is screen tearing. Tears can be a result of bad weather, trauma, or simple age. Small tears can be patched, although the repair won't be completely invisible. For larger tears, screen replacement may be necessary. Fortunately, screens can be replaced without the need for putting in a whole new enclosure as long as the frame is in good condition.

3. Algae Growth

The moisture around a swimming pool can create the perfect conditions for algae to grow on your pool screen enclosure. The algae can discolor the metal frames and clog the screens. A pool screen service can clean both the frames and screens to remove the algae without causing any damage to the enclosure. You shouldn't need any further repairs unless the algae growth was covering up screen damage.

4. Broken Framing

High winds and hail can twist and warp the framing that holds the screens in place, leading to severe damage to your enclosure. If the warping is minor, your repair technician can sometimes bring the frame back to its original shape. Replacement will be necessary, though, if the frame breaks or becomes severely twisted. You may have to replace one or all of the enclosure panels, depending on the extent of the damage.

5. Glass Damage

Some pool enclosures include both screens and all-season storm windows, which can be made of glass or a shatter-proof polycarbonate. If the glass or polycarbonate develops cracks, your only option is to replace the damaged pane. A small crack can make the enclosure more prone to damage from things such as high winds since this can compromise the structural integrity of the framing.

Contact a pool screening repair service for more information.