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Tips For A Pest Infestation-Free Yard And Garden

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Pests in your yard and garden can become a nuisance to you when you spend time outside doing yard work, gardening, or simply relaxing. You also don't want the pests to find their way into your home, so it is important that you get a handle on them as soon as possible with the right prevention and treatments. Here are some tips to help you keep your yard pest-free all year long for the most enjoyment of your backyard.

Watch for Problems

Diligence in your yard pest control will make it easier for you to find pest problems earlier so you can treat them before they become a larger problem. When you keep an eye on your landscaping and the exterior of your home, you will recognize signs of pest problems when they first start and before they can travel into your home.

Each week as you spend time outside completing yard maintenance, such as mowing your lawn, watch for infestations of wasps, ants, or mosquitoes. Keep an eye out for any insects swarming on the exterior of your home, under the eaves of your roof, or on the soil around some of your vegetation. If you have a vegetable garden, inspect your plants while you pull weeds or water to look for signs of plant damage, insects eggs or larvae, and anthills in the soil.

Arrange For Pest Removal

If you find signs of a pest nest, such as a mouse nest in the corner where your garage and your home meet, you can rid the area of the nest and arrange for a pest control service to eliminate the mice. Your professional pest control can investigate the area to find out where the mice are traveling based on the markings and droppings they leave behind. Then, with strategically placed traps and bait, they will be able to trap and eliminate your mouse problem.

When you hire a professional pest control service, you get to benefit from their expertise and also their safe and effective treatments. For example, if you have pets or children that frequently play in the yard, you won't want to spray any harmful pesticides that can cause illness. Instead, ask your pest control professional for a safe treatment that still handles your pest problem.

After the pests have been removed, you may need to follow up with a cleaning of the area to prevent future infestations. For example, when some types of animals and insects make a nest in your home exterior, you will need to remove the old nest and any residues that are left behind with a thorough cleaning. Remaining odors can attract a new pest problem in the same area.

Reach out to a pest control service to learn more.