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Building A Home Gym? Use Lumber In These Ways

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If you've set a goal of improving your physical fitness, you'll need to decide whether to buy a gym membership or work out from home. There are several advantages to the latter approach, which means that you might want to create a home gym. A home gym can include all sorts of elements, including things that you build yourself. For those who are comfortable working with wood, buying a supply of lumber will allow you to build a variety of devices for your home gym. Here are some projects that you can add to your to-do list.

Step-Up Box

One workout device that you can build with lumber is a step-up box, which is a valuable tool for building the muscles in your legs. Step-up boxes can vary in height, so you can decide what height will suit you — or perhaps make a couple of boxes that you can use for various stepping and jumping exercises. You'll want to build this box's frame from lumber, and then cover the frame in thick plywood. Commercial step-up boxes, including those made from wood, can be expensive. Building your own with lumber can potentially save you money, as well as ensure that you have a product in a size that suits you.

Weight Storage

Given that you'll probably want to buy a variety of weights, it's useful to think about how you'll store them in an orderly fashion. Instead of buying something to store the weights, think about building one or more storage solutions with lumber. There are all sorts of ideas online that can provide you with inspiration. For example, you might build a heavy-duty floor storage rack out of lumber that uses dowels to hold your individual weight plates. Or, you might think about building a lumber shelf that you can mount to the wall studs in your home gym room to hold a set of dumbbells.

Squat Rack

Many people buy squat racks for their home gyms, but this is a piece of workout equipment that can be pricey. For those who are confident about their woodworking skills, a squat rack made of wood can be a project to pursue. High-quality lumber will make the squat rack durable, and building it yourself means that you'll be able to easily build it to your specifications. You can find many ideas for this project online, including some that will tell you exactly what lumber you need to buy to complete the project.