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5 Places In Your Garden You Can Use Decorative Glass Spheres

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Decorative glass spheres can come in many different varieties of color, shape, size, thickness, and texture. If you have a garden area you're looking to decorate, some decorative glass spheres may be just the thing. You may be surprised at how many different ways you can use them for decor in your garden and landscape.

Here are five places in your garden you can use decorative glass spheres.

1. In water features

If you have a shallow water feature such as a birdbath or a fountain with a small pond, a couple of strategically placed glass orbs can be a great decor item. It can be especially fun if the orbs float, as they can bob around and catch the light reflecting off the water.

2. Hanging from trees

Glass orbs can add a mysterious touch to your small garden trees such as dogwoods or crepe myrtles. You can either find glass spheres that have holes for hanging or choose ones that are wrapped in wire (or even wrap them in wire yourself). One caveat is that you may not want to hang your glass spheres if you have children who could accidentally knock the spheres down since broken glass is a safety hazard.

3. Along edges of paths

Placing decorative glass spheres along the sides of your pathway can be a great way to delineate the borders of the path, or simply to decorate the existing borders. If you have mulched beds along the edges of your garden path, you could also nestle glass orbs into the mulch near the path. Just make sure you've chosen sturdy spheres, and use a type of mulch that won't scratch the glass. (For example, rubber mulch is good, but lava rock could scratch the spheres).

4. In the statuary

If you have statues in your garden, you may find they need additional decoration that a glass orb could easily provide. For example, you could have a statue of a seated gnome that could conveniently hold a glass orb in its lap or a stone lotus flower that could easily nestle a shining glass sphere in its center.

5. In an outdoor room

Decorative glass orbs are often used in centerpieces or sideboard decor for indoor dining rooms. So if you have an outdoor dining room, why not do the same? You'll find many different ways to use orbs in an outdoor dining room for creative and tasteful decor.

These are just a few of the ways you could use decorative glass spheres in your garden. Just make sure you choose sturdy spheres made of thick glass for best results and keep them away from anything that might harm them. To learn more, contact a company like Worldly Goods Too.