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2 Things To Do With Your Woodstove

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When you have a wood-burning stove installed in your house, such as a blaze king fireplace, you want to make sure that you are treating it correctly and maintaining it well. There is no reason why your woodstove shouldn't last for decades if you do everything you should to make it last that long. So, what should you do in order to make sure that you are using your new woodstove correctly?

Burn It In

Before you can use your stove on a regular basis, you have to break it in, or burn it in. Part of the reason you want to burn your stove in is that the residue of the manufacturing process will still be on the stove, and the burning-in process will burn those residues off and make sure that your stove is ready to go. The process will take some time since you will be lighting multiple fires, but it's worth doing right. The first part of the process is to make sure that the air intake on the door is open all the way. Then you need to light a fire and heat the stove up until it reaches approximately 200° F for around an hour. Then put the fire out, let the stove cool down to room temperature, and do the process again. After you do the burn and cool cycle for the third time, you have done the entire burn-in process. 

The Right Wood

You want to make sure that you are burning the right wood and the right kind of fire. Generally, in your woodstove, you want to have a small, hot fire. While a larger, slower-burning fire looks like it would be more efficient, you aren't going to get as much heat, and you will get more smoke and soot from the slower fire. The best way to get that small, hot fire is to use smaller logs made out of seasoned hardwood. Seasoning will dry out the wood so that it doesn't have as much moisture in it and will age the wood a bit. This will also help it burn hotter. You will need to use less of the seasoned wood overall to get the same amount of heat from wood that hasn't been seasoned. 

If you have just gotten your new woodstove, you need to make sure that you are taking care of it correctly. It could last for a long time as long as you are treating the stove well.