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4 Signs Your Home Needs Air Duct Cleaning

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Many homeowners don't think about maintaining their ductwork very often. Unfortunately, air ducts can become choked with dust and dirt as you use your HVAC system. Air duct cleaning is an essential service to maintain good air quality and keep your home's comfort system running efficiently. Here are four signs your home may need air duct cleaning.

1. Excessive Dust in Your Home

Dust and other airborne contaminants that get circulated through your ducts have to land somewhere. If your ducts are in need of cleaning, you may notice that layers of dust build up quickly on the surfaces in your house. When you find yourself sweeping and dusting more often than you should need to, consider hiring an HVAC contractor to inspect your air ducts.

2. Poor HVAC Airflow

Residential ductwork consists of multiple branching paths that serve different parts of the house. Dust sticks to other dust readily and can form large, isolated clogs in specific parts of your ducts. A clog in one branch of your ductwork can lead to temperature imbalances and low airflow in the affected rooms.

3. Frequent Air Filter Clogs

HVAC air filters collect dust to protect the sensitive components inside the air handler from damage. When your HVAC system is overloaded with dust, the air filter may no longer be able to keep up.

Under normal circumstances, you should only need to change the air filter once per month. If your filter becomes clogged more frequently than this, an air duct cleaning may be in order.

4. Increasing Energy Bills

Dust buildup is detrimental to the energy efficiency of your HVAC system. Duct clogs and dirty filters force the air handler to work harder, which translates to higher power draw. Furthermore, dust can accelerate mechanical wear by causing your furnace to overheat or shorting out sensitive electrical components.

The effects of dust on your furnace and AC gradually build up over time. You may see this as a slow upward creep in your monthly energy bill. Always take note if your energy costs are increasing with no apparent cause and no change in your HVAC usage habits.

Dirty ductwork is hard to avoid, but it's not a problem you have to live with. Duct cleaning will enhance your indoor air quality and keep your furnace and air conditioner running longer. Schedule a professional air duct cleaning and inspection if you notice these signs of dirty ducts in your home.