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Old Kitchen, New Look: Why Cabinet Refacing Is The Way To Go!

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Are you tired of how your outdated and dowdy kitchen looks? Perhaps you're ready for a drastic change but don't have the available funds for a full kitchen remodel. Well, the good news is that you can have a brand-new kitchen without all of the demo work and at a fraction of the cost! Refacing cabinets is a simple yet effective way to transform your old kitchen into something new and exciting. Read on for three benefits of choosing to reface your kitchen cabinets!

No Demo Needed 

Apart from the mess that a full kitchen cabinet demo makes, you'll also be saving a ton of money by simply refacing your cabinets instead! A demo job requires you to invest in the tools needed to properly remove cabinets from your kitchen walls while still keeping the integrity of the structure solid. Lumber, stone, and sealants needed to create brand-new kitchen cabinets can easily slip into hundreds if not thousands of dollars. For those who are on a budget, a demo job simply won't do. Refacing your cabinets instead will mean a much happier wallet and a fraction of the work!

A Fresh, New Look

Refacing your kitchen cabinets is a fantastic and easy way to get a completely new look in your kitchen. When getting ready to reface, consider what you'd like your overall finished product to look like. Perhaps you currently have outdated wooden cabinets and would like a fresh, clean appearance. Consider replacing your cabinets with neutral, cream, or white instead. Add silver hardware for an extra classic touch! On the other hand, maybe you'd like more of an eclectic style. You can choose new cabinet facings in vivid colors with vintage hardware instead. The possibilities are truly endless but the most important thing is to have fun!

A Chance to De-clutter

One of the things you'll be required to do when refacing your kitchen cabinets is to empty them of their contents. Use this as the perfect opportunity to de-clutter your kitchen. Check the expiration dates of food and donate those that are still good but you don't use. Go through your collection of pots and pans and donate the ones that you don't really reach for anymore. This is also a great time to sift through your appliances including blenders, mixers, waffle irons, and toasters to determine if you can downside at all. Once you're done de-cluttering, you'll automatically feel like your brand-new kitchen is underway! 

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