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3 Unique Ways To Reuse Old Window Blinds

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Do you have some old window blinds that you no longer have a use for? Instead of just throwing them out with the trash, you might want to consider some of the various ways that you can put them to good use. To help you do that, you can check out the following three unique uses for old window blinds.

Labels For Plants

Cut the individual window blind strips into three or four inch pieces. You can keep them a little longer if you would like, as this part is really about preference. When making your cuts, make sure that you are cutting them at an angle so that there is a point that will easily slide into the soil. Using a black permanent marker, clearly write the various plant names on the individual labels.

Cleaning Paint Can Rims

Before closing the lid on a paint can, it is important to make sure that the excess paint along the rim of the can is removed. Otherwise, if this is not done, there is a good chance that paint can splatter on your clothes, floors, and walls, as you pound on the lid in an attempt to make sure that it is properly sealed. Simply take cut pieces of plastic window blinds and bend one edge into a V shape. Using this shaped end, you can scoop out extra paint from the rim of the paint can with ease.

Turn Plain Mirror Into Wall Art

All you need is a plain unframed mirror, plastic window blind pieces, and glue. Cut the individual window blind pieces into various lengths to suit your personal preference. They can be all be of the same size or different sizes. Leave them flat or bend them into a V shape that is still long in length. Glue them with industrial strength super glue the back of your mirror and work your way around until you have added as many as you want. If you want to make this a little more interesting or unique, you can paint each blind piece before attaching them to the mirror. Just make sure that you are giving the paint time to dry.

With the previously mentioned tips in mind, you should have no problem making sure that you are able to make use of those old window blinds instead of simply throwing them out. Even if you are not yet ready to do anything with your old blinds, you might want to store them away until you come across the perfect project to suit your needs. If you need to buy new window blinds, visit F & R Interiors.